We also supply additional wiring kits to enable your customers to power certain 12 volt functions in their caravan. These can be either in standard 12S format or via a 13 pin extension kit

All our 12s kits include all the items to ensure the caravan is sufficiently powered and the vehicle is protected from accidental battery drain by the inclusion of a switching relay.

The harness we produce is equipped with all the relevant wire sizes to ensure maximum power output to the caravan fridge and as a prevention against Pin Burnout which has been a serious problem over the last few years.

Utilised in all our supplementary kits, is a simple, extremely compact voltage sensing relay which controls the output supply to the caravan fridge. It operates by switching on when a rise in current is detected. It connects directly into the harness assembly without the use of screw terminals, which in some cases, can work loose through normal vehicle vibration.