Right Connections specialise in vehicle specific wiring harness kits which are designed to form part of the vehicle architecture. Connections are either via the vehicle’s own original connectors or installed directly onto the vehicle network. By directly connecting into the vehicle harness, the installation provides a solid and secure fitment, ensuring the towing harness is ‘interfaced’ as if it was part of the factory build equipment. NOTE! ALL UK VEHICLE IMPORTERS only support this design of towing wiring kit in their accessory program! They DO NOT support or endorse the use of ‘universal’ wiring kit installations which are still in common use by the towbar installers and are also offered freely on the internet. This is an extremely IMPORTANT consideration when making your choice.

We ONLY supply kits which ‘mate’ seamlessly into an individual vehicle which provides an integrated harness for the tow bar wiring system. The huge advantages of specific over universal include:
– A professional installation. As if it has been factory fitted
– They provide a FULL integration into the vehicle network
– Trailer related safety systems are NOT compromised
– Safe, 100% success rate
– Above all, can help to cut labour time down to a minimum
– Complete wiring kit solution in one box
– Supplied as 7 pin kit and/or 13 pin kit

Universal Electrical Connections

There are currently 3 other common forms of universal connections made for tow bar wiring to a vehicle harness, these are :-

a. Solder joints
b. Positive displacement connectors (known as Scotchloks TM )
c. Heat shrink butt connectors.

The main disadvantages of solder joints or positive insulation displacement connectors are as follows:-

Solder joints
– Time consuming
– Not gas tight if wires have been insulated using PVC tape
– Difficult to disconnect if installation has to be removed
– Not always acceptable to vehicle manufacturers (e.g Toyota, Volkswagen).
– Permanently damages the existing harness

Heat shrink butt connector
Necessary to cut the main harness
Awkward to use in confined space
Need application of heat to effect a seal
Have to be crimped accurately and with correct tool

Positive displacement connectors (Scotchloks TM)
Rely on 2 splice joints giving 2 possible points of contact failure
Bulky, also needing the correct colour connector to be used
Cannot be re-used once connected
No way to tell if the connection is made efficiently
Designed originally as temporary repair for Telecom systems and not for automotive applications

Towing kits installed onto the network

There has been a rapid growth in intelligent vehicle technology since 2002. Such technology MUST demand greater technological solutions. We have provided further details of networked systems and vehicle safety systems throughout our website but choosing this type of wiring kit installation will ensure the following:

The wiring will be installed and function exactly as the vehicle manufacturer has intended utilising ‘special’ manufacturer preparations
Trailer related safety systems, which are VERY VARIED, will function as they should.
Use of Lighting harness wiring to make trailer connections is FORBIDDEN BY SOME MANUFACTURERS! (e.g VW/Audi Group). This rules out the use of Universal electrics!
Complete solution in one box so no need to multi-source.
You can have the confidence that, UNLIKE UNIVERSAL ELECTRICS, any products we supply have been designed and tested effectively on each specific vehicle, PRIOR TO BEING SOLD.