Compact Tester for 7 & 13 pin Towing Electrics

There are many trailer testers on the market but none as simple and as efficient as the compact and portable tester by Right Connections.

Right Connections UK Limited specialize in vehicle specific towing electric kits and this enables us to understand all vehicle technologies and how they interact with a trailer. This experience has enabled us to produce a tester which is 100% ideally suited to effectively test any towing electrical installation.

We have called this tester the ‘Pro-Tow’ tester. It is designed in a durable plastic case and meets all the specification for use with general towbar installation. It can be operated by one person thanks to the long cable contained within the case. Our unit is able to test not only ALL road going trailer lights, but also the other 12v supplementary electrical systems found in UK caravans such as:

Permanent Live 12v = Live feed to pin 9. Used to trickle charge caravan battery when engine is running. Ignition switched live = Switched live at pin 10. This is used to power 12v function on the caravan fridge. The tester is equipped with a good quality 13 pin plug and we are able to provide simple adaptors should you require the tester to check 7 pin towing systems.

The Pro-Tow tester is a great companion for any professional towbar installer. For more information, please use the contact detail found on the toolbar on this website.

NOTE: We are currently revamping our tester design so our NEW video will be available soon.